Angry Birds app gets first manga in Nakayoshi Shōjo magazine – News

Pink bird Stella teaches Japanese Nana English to save overseas school

angry Birds, the smartphone game application franchise which has 2.3 billion downloads worldwide, inspired his first manga on Wednesday. Hiyoko Hatano launched the Stella ~ Nana in Mahō no Eitango ~ (Stella: Nana and the Magic English Words) in the October issue of Kodansha‘s shôjo magazine Nakayoshi Wednesday. The news features Stella, a pink bird from the angry Birds apps, and a Japanese girl named Nana.

In the manga, Nana ends up being transferred to a school abroad after her parents are reassigned to another country. As she hardly speaks English, she cannot make any friends and is always alone. One day, she meets a fiery pink bird named Stella at the school’s botanical garden. Stella tells him to collect mysterious English word cards to save the school.

Tatsuya Kimura, the teacher behind many bestselling English learning books such as Yume or Kanaeru Eitango Yumetan, oversees the manga. Each month, Nakayoshi runs a one-page English vocabulary lesson. Each manga chapter will teach an English word that would be helpful to people in situations similar to Nana.

Not by chance, Angry Birds Stella, the application franchiseThe latest title from with enhanced features, also debuts worldwide this month.

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