Strasburg Game Birds is very proud of its track record by giving 28 years of quality service to our customers. We firmly believe that the best advertising is word of mouth and we are very pleased to share and post customer testimonials.

5 star rating

An Incredible place to train my dog!

I wanted a place that was close to my house, but offered enough land to run my puppy and get him on some birds. I found this and more at Strasburg Game Birds. These guys are great and Bob, the owner is really good. He has gone out with me and has helped me train my dog to be an excellent upland game bird dog. I would absolutely recommend this place! Thanks Bob.

Jeff Patrick- Highlands Ranch, CO
5 star rating

Excellent Pheasant Hunting Close to Dever

This is my seventh year coming to Strasburg Game Birds. The fields have great upland bird cover and are always great, and all within 40 mins of Denver.

Chuck Jerningan- Broomfield, CO
5 star rating

Always top notch Bird Hunting

My relationship with Bob Porter and Strasburg Game Birds goes back a long way. The Cover is great and the birds fly good. Strasburg Game Birds is a great place to hunt pheasants.

Dave Van Duinen, and my dogs Pal and Tess- Frisco, CO
5 star rating

Thanks Strasburg Game Birds!!

My son and I have been hunting with Bob for 15 years and have enjoyed everytime. Strasburg Game Birds do a great job of accomadating their guest, and providing a great bird hunting experience. Their birds always fly and the hunt seems just like you are in the heart of pheasant country.

Tom Krom- Strasburg, CO
Game Bird Hunting

Hunting Pheasant

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