Gun Dog Training

Personalized Gun Dog Training Programs

Each dog is different with their own unique personalities. Each dog learns at a different pace and needs to work on different things. Strasburg Game Birds offers a personalized program specifically for your dog to insure the best hunting results. Please give us a call so we can discuss the best option for your gun dog. Our facilities include a variety of bird and field situations to address any hunting situation you need.

Coaching Sessions For the Hunter

Some hunters want to train their gun dog themselves. If you would like to come out and do a coaching session with one of our professional trainers, you can learn from the pros the do's and don’ts of gun dog training.

Monthly Intensives

We offer our clients a full service monthly intensive where we will board and work with your dog to get him ready to hunt wild birds. We have full boarding facilities to insure your dog is safe and well taken care of. After the initial consultation and field evaluation, you and your trainer will design a monthly plan. We encourage our hunters to come out and join in these sessions to learn how to properly train your dog. Call us today to discuss this option.

Single Session Dog Training

If you would prefer to drop your dog off and ask us to work on specific training issues, we are here to help. We again would encourage you to join our professional, but if you would like us to handle it, we can accommodate that also.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule your training session.

Gun Dog Training

Bird Dog Training

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